Ring Size Guide

Finding the perfect ring
size is essential for ensuring a comfortable fit and showcasing your jewellery
in its best light. Use our Ring Size Guide to determine your correct ring size
with ease.

Step 1 : Measure Your Finger

  • Use a Ring Sizer

    If you have access to a
    ring sizer, simply slide it onto your finger until it fits comfortably. Take
    note of the size indicated on the sizer.

  • Printable Ring Sizer

    Download and print our
    printable ring sizer. Follow the instructions carefully to ensure accurate

  • Measure with a String orStrip of Paper

    Wrap a piece of string or strip of paper around the base of your finger. Mark where the ends meet and measure the length in millimetres. Refer to our conversion chart to find your corresponding ring size.

Step 2 : Check Your Measurement

Once you have your measurement, compare it to our Ring Size Chart to determine your ring size. Keep in mind that fingers may swell or shrink throughout the day due to various factors such as temperature and hydration levels. We recommend measuring your finger at different times for accuracy.

Step 3 : Confirm Your Size

If you're still unsure about your ring size, we recommend visiting a local jewellery store to have your finger professionally measured. This ensures the most accurate sizing for your comfort and satisfaction.

Tips for a Perfect Fit :

  • Measure your finger at room temperature, as cold weather can cause fingers to shrink and warm weather can cause them to swell.

  • Consider the width of the ring band when choosing your size. Wider bands may require a slightly larger size for a comfortable fit.

  • If you're between sizes, opt for the larger size for a looser fit or the smaller size for a snugger fit.


If you have any questions or need assistance determining your ring size, our customer service team is here to help. Feel free to reach out via email, phone, or our website's live chat feature.
Ensure your jewellery fits perfectly and showcases your style with our Ring Size Guide.